ITL Nymphaea 'Dauben'

Light blue flowers with green, viviparous leaves. May be grown as a dwarf or as a full-sized plant. In either case, it is a generous bloomer, and, because of its viviparity, might naturalize in undisturbed areas of the pond. USDA ZONES 8-11

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Nymphaea daubenia
  • Flower Shape:
    • Cup - Shaped
  • Flower Color:
    • light blue, darker near the tips- and has a yellow center
  • Flower Size:
    • 4 - 6 inches
  • Leaf Shape:
    • Round
  • Leaf Coloration:
    • Green
  • Leaf Size:
    • Up to 12 inches
  • Leaf Spread:
    • 3 - 7 feet

      A very free flowering light blue viviparous tropical waterlily. The flower is cup shaped and four to six inches across with light blue petals that are darker near the tips and has a golden yellow center. The leaves are green and can get up to twelve inches across. The plant will grow to a spread of three to seven feet. Nearly every leaf will develop a plantelet that can grow and bloom even while it is still atached to the parent plant. This waterlily is ideal for tub gardens and small pools as it will readily adapt to a small area.
      Like other viviparous tropicals, it can withstand more cold than most tropical lilies without going dormant.


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ITL Nymphaea 'Dauben'

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