IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea

An outstanding oxygenator for aquaria or ponds. Small, white flowers produced above the water when the plant reaches the surface. Sold in bunches, a bunch consists of 6-8 lengths, 8-10 inches long with growing tips. *Shipping restrictions*

IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
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Anacharis canadensis - Elodea

Family: Hydrochariaceae
Adult Size: Up to 20"
Lighting Needs: Moderate to High
Temperature: 72 - 82F
Water Parameters: pH 6.5-7.5; KH 3-8
Care Level: Easy
Scientific Name: Anacharis canadensis

  • Background plant in aquariums
  • Long flowing stalks with serrated leaves
  • Can be rooted in the substrate or free floating

An outstanding oxygenator. Sold in bunches, a bunch consists of 6-8 lengths, 6-8 inches long with growing tips. Can be planted in the pond by putting it in with your waterlilies, lotus or bog plants. It can also be anchored with gravel or small stones in shallow water areas.

Dark green leaves are arranged in whorls around a narrow stem. The plant will develop thickets in the back of aquariums or on the bottoms of ponds. White flowers are borne on short stems on the water's surface throughout the summer. This plant is a good indicator of the quality of your water. In hard water, for example it will sometimes be covered with calcium deposits. It is a good consumer of nitrate in the water and can grow rapidly to fill any niche.

*** Sorry, but we can't ship this item to Oregon, Washington, Canada, Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Vermont. - ***


IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
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IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
Beautiful Plants
I have ordered aquatic plants online before from other vendors with mixed results. Whether or not you have nothing but a bag of green mush when you open the box depends a lot on how the seller packs and ships the plants.

The plants I ordered here were expertly packed and shipped. In addition, the plants themselves were large and beautiful--better than expected. A water lily that I ordered had multiple buds on it and bloomed just a few days after I received it.

I would definitely order from them again.
IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
Great fish habitat, finally
I have tried anacharis several times but, as with other plants in my 100 gallon pond they just gradually turned yellow and stopped growing. After adding a water lily that shades most of the pond all the plants are thriving, including this anacharis. I have lots of bright dark green growth on this, especially under the lily leaves; less so where the sun hits it. My three goldfish now live happily and safely in underwater tropics instead of the sad dead sea.
IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
Happy Plants!
Great communication, fast shipping, healthy plants! My water hyacinth are doing so well that I've had to thin them out twice already - I'm the neighborhood source now! (sorry!)

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IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea

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