IHL Nymphaea 'Pearl of the Pool'

This waterlily has medium pink flowers and a nice fragrance. It is a good choice for a medium to large watergarden or a natural pond. It is fairly free flowering and blooms most freely when planted in a large container. USDA ZONES 4-9.

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Nymphaea "Pearl of the Pool"
  • Flower Shape:
    • Cuplike, then growing more stellate.
  • Flower Color:
    • Medium pink.
  • Flower Size:
    • 5 - 6 inches
  • Leaf Shape:
    • Round. The lobes may or may not overlap, and one or both may be raised.
  • Leaf Coloration:
    • Green, the new leaves are bronzy
  • Leaf Size:
    • Up to 10 inches
  • Leaf Spread:
    • 4 - 5 feet

      This hardy waterlily is recomended for a medium to large watergarden, or a natural pond. It blooms most freely when it is planted in a large container (24" x 24" x 12") and allowed to form a colony. This was the first hardy waterlily ever to be patented in the US. Plant patent No. 666 -now expired, was issued in January 1946 for this waterlily.


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IHL Nymphaea 'Pearl of the Pool'

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