IHL Nymphaea 'Escarboucle'

Also known as N. 'Aflame'. The most brilliant of hardy reds. A uniform shade of vermillion-crimson with garnet stamens tipped yellow. Blossoms have a rich spicy odor,and are about 7 inches across. This is one of the best red hardies. Its flowers are long lasting and strikingly colored. This waterlily is not a rampant grower, so it is not likely to overwhelm even small ponds. USDA ZONES 4-9.

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Nymphaea "Escarboucle"
  • Flower Shape:
    • Cuplike then grows more stellate
  • Flower Color:
    • Very bright vermillion-red, outer petals are tipped with white.
  • Flower Size:
    • 6 - 7 inches
  • Leaf Shape:
    • The leaves are almost round, the lobes overlap about 1 inch at the sinus
  • Leaf Coloration:
    • Green, new leaves are brownish
  • Leaf Size:
    • 10 - 11 inches
  • Leaf Spread:
    • 4 - 5 feet

      This is one of the very best red hardy waterlilies and is recomended for medium to large watergardens. The blooms stay open later into the afternoon and last longer than most of the other red hardy waterlilies. Would be a good lily to have in a region where it gets dark earlier, and because it is a hardy, it would be able to handle the cold as well.


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