IBP African Water Hawthorn - Aponogeton distacheus

Creamy white flowers with a vanilla scent. Long oblong leaves. Water Hawthorn is an excellent winter replacement for water lilies. Native of South Africa. ZONE 8-11

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Also known as Waterblommetjie, Vleikos, Cape Pond Weed. Also referred to as "aponogeton distachyos" This plant is strikingly beautiful in the right setting. Lanceolate leaves up to 15 inches long and 2 inches wide lay on the water's surface. They are accompanied by extremely fragrant, edible, white flowers. For those of us in the more southern latitudes, where the weather remains tolerable all of the time, the Water Hawthorn makes an excellent winter replacement for water lilies. For the rest of the country, however, the Hawthorn will bloom from mid-spring through the fall, probably until the water freezes. A fine addition to any pond. Native of South Africa. ZONE 8-11

This plant, when in its prime, is always a show stopper. Its fragrant white flowers are always a pleasant encounter. We have found that it does best if planted in mineral rich, organically rich soil covered with a layer of sand. We supplement the soil with a time release, complete fertilizer, such as 14-14-14 Osmocote.

When the plants are dormant, we have found that it is better to haul them out of the pond and let them dry out for a few months. Strong plants result. Leaves range from almost round to extremely thin and long. They may or may not be variegated. Some leaves are almost entirely red. The flowers are bilobate, with parrallel rows of petals arranged along the lengths of the lobes. Black stamens fill the space between the petals. Flowers are edible and quite tasty.


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IBP African Water Hawthorn - Aponogeton distacheus

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