IAP Vallisneria americana

The plants grow to 18 inches or more in length and are medium to dark green. An outstanding oxygenator. Sold individually, many with runners attached. Zone 4

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Valisneria americana - American Vals

Family: Hydrochariaceae
Adult Size: Up to 18"
Lighting Needs: Moderate to High
Temperature: 40 - 90F
Water Parameters: pH 6.5-7.5; KH 3-8
Care Level: Easy
Scientific Name: Valisneria americana

  • Background plant in aquariums
  • Long flowing leaves
  • Can be rooted in the substrate

An outstanding oxygenator. Sold in bunches, a bunch consists of 6-8 plants, with growing tips. Can be planted in the pond by putting it in with your waterlilies, lotus or bog plants. It can also be anchored with gravel or small stones in shallow water areas.

This plant is very similar to Valisneria spiralis except that the leaves are straight, instead of spiralled. The plants grow to 18 inches or more in length and are medium to dark green. They create a striking effect in the back of any aquarium. They are vigorous growers, reproducing by runners. You might think of them as a tender version of Sagittaria subulata.It can be grown in the pond in shallow containers or trays to create a grassy effect. Protect from Koi and Goldfish.

Zone 4


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IAP Vallisneria americana

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