FAQ - Where's My Order?

Where's My Order?

After you place your order, several things happen before your order is filled and sent out to you.

First, we look at the shipping address of the order, and the weather between our location and there. If we think that there's a possibility that the plants will freeze in transit, then we'll hold the order until the weather warms up. Keep in mind that while it may be 50 degrees in North Carolina, there may be snowstorms between California and North Carolina that can adversely affect your plants.

Second, we check our stock of plants. If any plants that you've ordered are low in stock or not available, then your order will be delayed. If it will be a long delay, we usually choose to substitute a similar plant for the one that's unavailable. (Unless you've noted "no substitutions" on your comments.)

Lastly, we collect your plants and ship your order. We only ship Monday through Wednesday, so that plants are not stuck sitting in the Post Office over the weekend. If you'd prefer a faster delivery method, there are several to choose from in the shipping options. Also, you can speed up your order collection by selecting our ASAP service. This will mean that your order is made a priority and will be packed and shipped faster.

Once your order ships, you'll receive an email from USPS with your tracking number. All of our packages are shipped with delivery confirmation as well, so we can be sure that orders are not lost in transit.

If you have any questions about your order before, during or after it ships, feel free to call or email us.

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FAQ - Where's My Order?

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