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Any serious aquarist and any competent book will tell you that the best way to ensure a proper balance in the aquarium is through the use of live plants. A well selected, properly planted and cared for selection of aquarium plants will both beautify the aquarium and increase the aquarist's enjoyment of the hobby. The various shapes and textures of the plants add interest to the aquarium. There are limitations, of course, for instance, you would not want to plant an African Cichlid aquarium, but for the average aquarist with a community aquarium, there is no better way.

After all, the aquarist won't be happy until his fish are happy and the fish won't be happy until they feel at home. The best way to make them feel at home is to replicate, as closely as possible, the conditions found in their native habitat, which usually includes plants. We recommend that you include a varied selection of plants for your tank and that you think about the plants as much as you do the fish. The use of plants can obviate the need for many of the fish "care" products available in stores today. Items such as pH adjusters, or ammonia absorption resins, etc. As with all of our plants, our customers' satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

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IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea

An outstanding oxygenator for aquaria or ponds. Small, white flowers produced above the water when the plant reaches the surface. Sold in bunches, a bunch consists of 6-8 lengths, 8-10 inches long with growing tips. *Shipping restrictions*

IAP Anacharis canadensis - Elodea
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IAP Vallisneria americana

The plants grow to 18 inches or more in length and are medium to dark green. An outstanding oxygenator. Sold individually, many with runners attached. Zone 4

IAP Vallisneria americana
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IAP Vallisneria gigantea

The largest of the Vallisneria species, this plant produces dark green leaves that can grow to several feet in length, although they usually limit their height to match the depth of their water. Good in large aquariums or in ponds. A good oxygenator and hiding place for baby fish. Zone 4

IAP Vallisneria gigantea
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IAP Vallisneria spiralis

Medium to bright green, good for oxygenation and hiding places for baby fish. Fast grower, spiraling to 12 inches in length.

IAP Vallisneria spiralis
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IAP Aponogeton boivinianus

Wide, heavily puckered leaves. Requires very clean water and a rich substrate.

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IAP Aponogeton crispus

Also known as Wonder Bulb. Lovely, translucent leaves with undulated edges, grow up to 10" long and 1" wide. They are held on stems which arise in a rosette from a corm. Our plants are sprouted and growing with vigorous roots. In most tanks these plants will produce spikes of small, fragrant, white flowers. Seeds can be readily produced by rubbing the flowers from two separate plants together under water.

IAP Aponogeton crispus
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IAP Aponogeton ulvaceus

Beautiful, very wide, wavy edge leaves in a bright lime green color. Plant does well in strong currents, and a place in front of the filter flow would be ideal. Attractive double yellow flower spikes that are self-fertile.

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IAP Cabomba caroliniana

Cabomba is a plant which does very well in warm, well lit water. Under the water it produces finely divided, fan shaped, oppositely opposed leaves on a long slender stem. Sorry, but we can't ship this item to Maine, and it is not suitable for use in Koi ponds. ****

IAP Cabomba caroliniana
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IAP Cryptocoryne blassi

Also called Giant Crypt. Leaves are olive green on top and red underneath. Gets up to 13-17" tall.

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IAP Cryptocoryne lucens

Great for front or middle of the tank planting. Small bronze-edged green leaves. Very similar to C. petchii. As with all Crypts, C. lutea propagates by runners, eventually forming a grouping that might reach 4-6" in height.

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IAP Cryptocoryne petchii

Can get up to 4-6" tall. Triple rosette foliage, beautiful reddish brown coloration.

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IAP Cryptocoryne retrospiralis

Long, narrow leaves with tightly undulated edges, green on top, red beneath. Wants quiet, moderately well lit water.

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IAP Cryptocoryne wendtii

Can get up to 2-4" tall. Leaves are light green on top and bronzy-red underneath. One of the easiest cryptocrynes to grow.

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IAP Echinodorus "Ocelot Sword "

Ocelot Sword Plant

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IAP Echinodorus "Red Rubin"

This is by far the most spectacular variety of Echinodorus that we grow. Broad, dark red leaves will grow to 12 inches long or more in the proper setting. Useful in well lit aquariums or in outdoor pools that have no carp.In the pond it can be planted directly into "pockets" of gravel or a 10" container. (1-2' of water).

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IAP Echinodorus osiris - Melon Sword

Echinodorus osiris is one of the more beautiful species available to aquarists. Its leaves change from red to dark green over their long lives and may attain sizes approaching 3 inches by 10 inches. Pronounced veins in the leaves adds to the interest. Will grow easily where sufficient light is provided.

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IAP Echinodorus rosaefolia

Large, deep red leaves up to 12 inches long and 1 inche wide. Leaves turn dark green with age. Needs a good deal of light to maintain best color. When well planted this species can be unbelievably beautiful. Grows well in outdoor ponds in a foot or two of water. In shallow water, it will rise above the water with green, ovate leaves. It should be planted in any pot with sand with soil underneath. Not suitable for use in Koi ponds.

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IAP Echinodorus uruguayensis

Bright green lanceolate leaves up to 15" long grow underwater. Above the water, the leaves are 4-5" long and 1-2" wide and are at the ends of long petioles. White flowers, typical of the genus, occur above the water during the summer. A beautiful plant which is easy to grow under a wide range of cultural conditions.In the pond without koi or goldfish, it can be planted directly into "pockets" of gravel or a 10" container. (1-2' of water).

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IAP Hornwort / Foxtail - Ceratophyllum demersum

Ceratophyllum, or Hornwort, so named because of the small protrusions on the margins of the leaves which give the plant a rather coarse feeling when run through the hand, is a beautiful plant which is very useful in keeping water clean and free of excess algae. Because they never root, all of their nutrients are derived directly from the water. The plant spends its entire life completely submersed. It provides egg scattering fish, i.e., Koi an outstanding spawning medium and a great hiding place for fish fry. Will grow either free floating or will become attached to the bottom of the pond. *****Restrictions: Sorry, but we can't ship this item to Puerto Rico*****

IAP Hornwort / Foxtail - Ceratophyllum demersum
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IAP Java Fern - Microsorum pteropis

Microsorum pteropis is an amphibious fern which will tolerate submersion. Dark green, lanceolate leaves grow from a rhizome which may be attached to stone, wood, or gravel. Will grow in terrariums, or aquariums with ease. Forms dense clumps and will grow to 6 inches or more tall.

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IAP Java Moss - Vesicularia dubyana

South American water moss, great medium for spawning fish. Free floating plant. Will attach itself to the rough surface of pond walls to soften the effect of the cement. Great for aquariums and ponds alike!

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IAP Ludwigia palustris

L. palustris is an excellent choice for ponds and for cooler aquaria. The leaves are ovate, pointed on the end and sit on a short petiole. The leaf margins are frequently undulate. Leaves grow to 2" long and 3/4" wide. Stems branch freely, especially if they are trimmed. When grown in well lit situations, leaves turn to shades of red. In ponds, the plants will grow in several inches of water or out of the pond, into the surrounding landscape, growing short, dark green leaves on prostrate stems. In any situation, this plant is easy to grow. Can also be anchored in shallow water areas using small stones or gravel.

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IAP Myriophyllum sp.

Whorls of long, dark green leaves grow from vertical red stems. Branching stems eventually form dense clumps in well lit tanks. With its dark foliage, this is a worth-while addition to any tank. Easy to grow and to propagate. Excellent for hiding fish fry. Will grow in ponds or aquaria. Can be planted in with your waterlilies, lotus or bog plants. Can also be anchored in shallow water areas using small stones or gravel.ZONE 6 ***Cannot ship to Maine ***

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IAP Nymphaea lotos - Dwarf Aquarium Lily

A dwarf water lily that can be grown in your aquarium. Flowers are a nice medium pink. Lily needs strong light to bloom indoors. Can be moved out to your pond in the summertime. Re-pot in larger container for outdoor growth and larger flowers.

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IAP Sagittaria subulata

Most useful as a submersed grass in aquariums and as an oxygenator in ponds. Ribbon shaped leaves grow up to 12 inches long and 3/8 of an inch wide. Plant reproduces by runners and can form colonies which become dense enough to stabilize soil in ponds. In shallow water, small, dark green, ovate leaves with small brown speckles are produced. Small, white flowers float on the water's surface or are held slightly above it.In the pond, you can start it out in a nursery flat or shallow container in 4-6" of water.

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IAP Sagittaria subulata subulata

Leaves are approximately .25" wide and up to 5" long. Ribbon-shaped leaves. Plant reproduces by runners and can form dense colonies. Growth habit is identical to Sagittaria subulata.

IAP Sagittaria subulata subulata
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IAP Water Sprite - Ceratopteris thalictroides

Also known as Indian fern, water fern, Oriental waterfern, and water hornfern. Water Sprite, Ceratopteris thalictroides, is one of the most beautiful plants in the aquarium or pond. It is also one of the easiest to grow. A planted specimen will reach the tank's surface and produce numerous offspring right on the leaves. The offspring can be planted immediately to start the process over. Floating colonies of small plants provide excellent coverage for baby fish. Leaves are fern-like, heavily incised on the margins, bright green, and can reach lengths of a foot, or more. Can be accomodated to any size aquarium, but larger tanks can hold large, beautiful, lush specimens.

IAP Water Sprite - Ceratopteris thalictroides
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IAP Water Wisteria - Hygrophila difformis

Hygrophila diformis is one of the most versatile of all aquatic plants. For the aquarist, this is one of the plants that make water gardening worthwhile. Leaves are bright green, large, and showy. They are deeply incised on their margins and, in the extreme case, have an almost ferny appearance. Our photo here hardly does it justice. In the proper setting, they are easy to grow and can be quite beautiful.
For the pond keeper, this plant offers a flowery edge treatment. Please see IBP158

IAP Water Wisteria - Hygrophila difformis
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