FAQ - Pond - Types

The next decision to make is what type of pond to install. Some first timers set up a half-barrel watergarden in half of a whiskey barrel. These can accommodate several plants and and a few goldfish or other small fish and make an interesting addition to a patio or deck area.

To keep the water circulating you will need a small pump for the barrel garden. Numerous accessories are available. For example, several styles of old fashioned hand pumps can be added to the barrel garden for a more rustic look and to create a decorative method to return the water to the barrel.

For in-ground ponds, you have a choice between a preformed or flexible pond liners of various types. If it is a big project, or you are looking for the permanence that only concrete can afford, seek out a competent contractor in your area with some related experience, or make sure the contractor consults with someone about the unique aspects of building a watergarden. You don't want your's to be the job where your contractor first learns how to build a watergarden.

Pre-formed pond liners come in a variety of interesting shapes, usually with the plant shelves built right in. Compared to liner ponds, they are easier to install, easier to clean, and are more resistant to damage.

Liner ponds, however, allow for greater creativity concerning the shape. Also, larger and deeper ponds are possible using the liner technique.

You will need to acquire a pump for your pond. For a healthy pond you should install a pump that recirculates the water at least once every two hours.

Once your pond is set up and running, you may consider whether you wish to add any decorative or useful accessories.

Maintenance of your pond can be easy if you install the right filtration system for the size and waste load of your pond. There are many water treatments available for your pond, but we have found that a good biological filter cleaned regularly is the best way to maintain optimal health in yourpond.

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FAQ - Pond - Types

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