FAQ - Pond - Location

If you are a beginner your first step is to decide where your pond will be located. The main consideration in pond location is aesthetics. Place the pond in a location where it can be fully enjoyed. Water features should be visible from the main viewing area. Waterfalls should always be placed behind the pond. A location that offers views from the inside of the house is a plus.

A Pond should be placed in a sunny location that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight during the summer. Too much sun will encourage algae growth and could damage some plants. Not enough sun and nothing will bloom.

Try to avoid placing a pond under trees as foliage and other debris require extra effort to remove from the pond. Needles from evergreen trees can change the pH of a pond to dangerous levels. The leaves from eucalyptus trees, popular in landscaping throughout the southwest due to their high drought tolerance, can stain your water a dark brown color and make it smell bad. Other trees to avoid are fruit trees, Oak trees, and Camphor trees.

Another pond planning consideration should be the availability and accessibility to electricity and water - both will be required at o near the pond site. For most locations not adjacent to an existing structure, installing underground electrical cable may be necessary. In cases where underwater pumps or lighting will be used, a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) should be installed along with a circuit cut-off switch.

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FAQ - Pond - Location

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